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Podiatry Billing Services

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Best Health Care Services

Podiatry Billing Services

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The foot, housing 3000 to 4000 nerves, is a delicate part of the body susceptible to various pains and sprains. Podiatrists, specialized physicians treating foot and ankle issues, earn substantial income. However, the evolving landscape, marked by reduced walking due to increased vehicular transport, brings about unique billing challenges. Addressing these issues requires the expertise of top-tier Podiatry Billing Services.

Swift Payments for Patient Satisfaction:

Long queues and delayed payments can stress patients. Our advanced software ensures seamlessPodiatry Billing Services., implementing cutting-edge ICD coding and other technologies for expedited bill processing. This not only minimizes patient wait times but also optimizes revenue generation.

ICD-10 Coding Excellence:

Our Podiatry Billing Services integrates precise ICD-10 coding, ensuring accurate and efficient billing. Sample codes include:

  • Code R60.0: Localized edema.
  • Code R60.1: Generalized edema.
  • Code R60.9: Unspecified edema.
  • Code M20.10: Hallux valgus on acquired conditions for the unspecified foot.
  • Code M20.11: Hallux valgus on acquired conditions for the right foot.
  • Code M20.12: Hallux valgus on acquired conditions for the left foot.
  • Code M77.30: Calcaneal spur in any of the conditions of the unspecified foot.
  • Code M77.31: Calcaneal spur in the right foot.
  • Code M77.32: Calcaneal spur in the left foot.

These codes, integrated into our billing software, contribute to improved reimbursements and overall industry enhancement.

Efficient Four-Step Process:

Our specially trained workforce follows a structured four-step process for seamless billing:

  • Demo entry
  • Charge entry
  • Claims submission
  • Payment posting

This meticulous approach minimizes errors and ensures accurate calculations.

Why Choose Our Podiatry Billing Services:

  • Qualified professionals for in-depth medical bill analysis.
  • Stress-free, error-free billing services.
  • Increment in profit levels for your medical industry.
  • Continuous 100% HIPAA compliance.
  • A 30-day trial software for firsthand experience.

Our commitment extends beyond the trial period, promising revenue cycle improvement by 10% or even 20% with our premium billing software packages. At Medi Claim Management, we provide affordable billing services, aiming to make your medical industry shine with unparalleled brilliance.

Join Us Today and Get Paid Faster with Superior Revenue Cycle Management

At Medi Claim Management, we understand the revenue cycle so you can focus on patient care. As a leading RCM company, we combine cutting-edge technology with specialized expertise to deliver proven results.