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Pediatric Billing Solutions for Optimal Revenue Management

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Best Health Care Services

Pediatric Billing Solutions for Optimal Revenue Management

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The realm of pediatrics, dedicated to caring for infants and children, is a crucial department in medical organizations. Pediatricians, specializing in the treatment of children with lower immunity, contribute significantly to a medical organization’s revenue. To enhance and streamline pediatric billing, we offer cutting-edge billing services. Our user-friendly software has garnered satisfaction from many clients, and the incorporation of bestselling coding practices ensures revenue growth. The utilization of ICD-10 codes forms the foundation of our billing software, preventing claims and optimizing pediatric billing services. Below are examples of codes we implement:

ICD-10 Coding:

  • Code Z00.121: For routine health examinations in children with abnormal findings.
  • Code Z00.129: For routine health examinations in children without abnormal findings.
  • Code Z23: For encounters related to immunization in children.
  • Code J02.8: For acute pharyngitis due to specified organisms.
  • Code J02.9: For acute pharyngitis of an unspecified type.
  • Code H66.91: For unspecified otitis media in the right ear.
  • Code H66.92: For unspecified otitis media in the left ear.

These codes, derived from the latest version of ICD-10, demonstrate reliability, minimizing the likelihood of claims. Leveraging our extensive experience with previous coding versions, we’ve developed efficient software designed for user-friendly interactions.

Electronic Health Record (EHR):

We offer electronic storage of data, even for newborns, to facilitate accurate claims and billing. Our advanced billing services create electronic health records for newborns, ensuring the right reimbursements without encountering denials.

Innovative Solutions:

Our commitment to user-friendly software is underscored by innovative solutions.

Comprehensive Support Facilities:

We provide robust support for clients seeking solutions or facing technical challenges.

Immediate Issue Resolution:

Our expert team prioritizes and swiftly resolves any technical doubts or issues faced by our clients.

With professionals at 24/7 Medi Claim Management, software and accounts receivable challenges are swiftly addressed. Our quality software acts as a safeguard against incorrect coding and details. Join our network of satisfied clients benefiting from our pediatric billing services, where we prioritize excellence and client satisfaction.

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