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Pathology Billing Services

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Pathology, a crucial branch of medical science, investigates the origin and impact of diseases through the examination of body tissues. In the modern medical landscape, pathology plays a pivotal role. The financial potential of pathology billing services is immense, and our adept strategies are here to enhance your medical industry’s revenue. Partner with us for a simplified approach to pathology billing that leverages cutting-edge software, making billing tasks hassle-free and efficient.

ICD-10 Codes Unveiled:

Our billing services thrive on ICD-10 coding, specifically tailored for the two Medicare parts of pathology—A and B. Our proficient coders have meticulously developed a robust product that streamlines the billing process, ensuring stress-free operations.

Key ICD-10 Codes:

Code B96.5: Designates pseudomonas as the primary cause of disease.

Code D44.10: Covers neoplasm of uncertain behavior in the adrenal gland in an unspecified manner.

Code D44.11: Addresses neoplasm of uncertain behavior in the right side of the adrenal gland.

Code D44.12: Pertains to neoplasm of uncertain behavior in the left side of the adrenal gland.

Code C18.9: Focuses on malignant neoplasm of the colon in unspecified cases.

Code C22.0: Deals with liver cell carcinoma.

Code L92.8: Targets other granulomatous disorders in the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

These codes, meticulously integrated into our software, ensure clarity and precision in billing statements. For example, the coding from D44.10 to D44.12 addresses neoplasms in different parts of the adrenal gland, facilitating accurate billing statements and minimizing denials.

Embracing Electronic Efficiency:

We embrace technological advancements in our billing services, relying on electronic storage for seamless data management. Our software seamlessly connects to the internet, providing authorized users with global access. Data security is paramount, and our software offers a secure environment. Additionally, we offer backup services to ensure data is stored safely.

Why Choose Medi Claim Management for Pathology Billing?

Round-the-Clock Services: Our commitment extends to providing 24/7 support.

Cutting-Edge Software: We offer advanced software solutions at competitive prices.

Precision in Billings: Accurate and transparent billing services are our hallmark.

Innovative Technology and Codes: We stay ahead with innovative technology and coding practices.

Secured Software: Our software guarantees a secure environment for billing operations.

Trustworthy Client Support: Count on our reliable client support for all your queries.

Electronic Data Backup: We provide backup services to safeguard your valuable data.

Expert Hands: With over 12 years of experience, our experts are dedicated to delivering excellence.

Entrust your medical billing services to us, and embark on a stress-free journey, knowing that seasoned experts with over 12 years of experience are handling your bills. Experience the quality you deserve by joining hands with our 24/7 Medi Claim Management services for maximum benefits in the shortest time.

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