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Dental Billing Services

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Prioritizing dental hygiene is paramount for a healthy and positive life, and as a dentist, providing top-notch dental care is your primary focus. However, managing effective dental billing services, from eligibility verification to HIPAA compliance, can be a daunting challenge, potentially disrupting the seamless flow of your revenue cycle. Say goodbye to navigating insurance intricacies and outdated methodologies!

Embrace a New Era of Peace of Mind through Outsourced Dental Billing!

Every dental service provider seeks robust dental billing services for a thriving practice. Achieving a harmonious balance between patient care and practice management becomes challenging as your clinic grows. The delicate equilibrium may tilt, leading to compromised patient care or collapsing practice management. Fortunately, there is a solution – outsourcing your dental billing. Reclaim control over your dental practice’s time and energy, allowing you to focus on patient care without the stress of practice management.


Key Benefits of Outsourcing with Medi Claim Management:

  • Regular and Timely Payments:

Ensure consistent and timely payments from payers.

  • Comprehensive Practice Management:

             Obtain a comprehensive overview of your practice.

  • Error-Free Dental Claims Submission:

             Submit dental claims with minimal errors for swift processing.

  • Daily Billing Statements Processing:

             Streamline daily processing of billing statements.

  • Claims Mitigation:

             Effectively handle outstanding claims and mitigate delays.

  • Interactive Reporting:

              Keep track of your progress with regular and interactive reporting.

Why Choose Medi Claim Management for Dental Billing Processes?

Our robust dental billing solutions encompass end-to-end services for groups, practices, and Dental Service Organizations. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we initiate the insurance eligibility verification process before the patient’s clinic visit. The verified data seamlessly integrates into your existing practice management software, ensuring accurate treatment plans and the creation of pristine dental claims.

Our specialized services extend to claims tracing and adjudication, where unpaid or denied claims are diligently tracked and resubmitted with necessary documentation to insurance carriers. Upon receiving Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), insurance payments are promptly posted by Medi Claim Management, with the initiation of denial follow-ups when required. EOBs are meticulously indexed to patient accounts for convenient access.

Beyond claim submissions, we manage A/R follow-ups and patient insurance collections to guarantee you receive the compensation you are owed. Interactive patient statements, tracking your progress, are printed and mailed as per your practice preferences. Our dental solutions alleviate your staff’s administrative burden, allowing them to invest more time in patient interactions, ultimately fostering the growth of your dental practice.

You can further enhance your practice by incorporating additional services such as Fee Schedule Maintenance, Credentialing, Accounts Payable processing, and more. At Medi Claim Management, we are committed to reducing operational costs, increasing revenues, expediting cash flows, and exceeding your patient’s expectations. Reach out to us via message or email to explore more about claims management services, request a quote, or avail of our comprehensive dental services.

Join Us Today and Get Paid Faster with Superior Revenue Cycle Management

At Medi Claim Management, we understand the revenue cycle so you can focus on patient care. As a leading RCM company, we combine cutting-edge technology with specialized expertise to deliver proven results.