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Insurance Credentialing Services

Don’t waste time navigating complex payer requirements for credentialing. Medi Claim Management intimately understands what payers demand to efficiently guide your practice through the tedious process. Even minor mistakes can lead to rejected applications and payment delays that hurt your bottom line. Our dedicated credentialing experts build positive payer relationships to avoid issues that result […]

Medical Coding Services

Let Us Help You Decode Critical Coding Complexities In an era of constant change in healthcare, organizations must stay updated on the latest regulations and coding guidelines impacting reimbursement. While robust coding should be a top priority, it often loses focus against other pressing administrative tasks. Medi Claim Management has a team of specialized medical […]

Medical Billing Services

Medi Claim Management offers comprehensive medical billing services, acting as a liaison between healthcare providers and insurance payers. Our dedicated team understands the pressing time constraints physicians and patients face daily. We provide complete, end-to-end services to manage billing more efficiently and cost-effectively. By streamlining workflows and leveraging automation, we help cut operational costs while […]

Eligibility Verification

Robust Eligibility Verification is essential to prevent revenue leaks in the medical billing process. Outdated patient insurance details lead to costly claim denials, treatment delays, and avoidable bad debt that hurt your bottom line. Medi Claim Management anchors your revenue cycle with real-time confirmation of coverage and financial responsibility before treatment. Our Top 5 Eligibility […]

Denial Management Services

Medi Claim Management helps healthcare organizations recapture lost revenue by overcoming improper claim denials. Our denial management team follows an optimized yet adaptable process customized to your needs. We identify the underlying issues causing denials, appeal the rejections, and implement solutions to prevent recurrence. Denial management services play a crucial role in ensuring healthcare providers […]

Revenue Cycle Management

Mediclaim Management offers comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services to help your practice maximize legitimate reimbursement for services provided. Our integrated RCM platform seamlessly manages the entire process – from verifying eligibility to optimizing coding to accelerating collections. Key elements of our comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management include: Patient Scheduling We streamline appointments to ensure smooth […]

A/R Follow-Up for Medi Claim Management

helps healthcare organizations efficiently recover overdue payments from recalcitrant payers. Our dedicated A/R Follow-Up team ensures you receive maximum legitimate reimbursement for services rendered. We oversee your entire revenue cycle, from charge capture to payment posting, to guarantee no claims fall through the cracks. With costs rising and reimbursement rates decreasing, leaving money on the […]